Recipe for life

Words can not express how EXCITED we were to shoot our first full length lifestyle session with James & Carmen's family! From the initial consultation appointment where we got a glimpse into their daily lives - who they were, what they loved, and what made them a family - to the final edited images, we can honestly say that the entire process was a joy! James and Carmen's family was such a delight to work with. Their love for one another was so easy to capture because it was REAL and a part of their everyday lives. We helped them get started, gave them a little direction, then just let them do their thing. What resulted was a beautiful display of genuine love, affection and interaction. That is what we love about being photographers! We enjoy getting to know people for who they really are and capturing them in their natural element - letting their personalities shine through - documenting what they love and WHO they love! This family was the perfect example of why we love what we do and we believe that as you look through these images you will see a genuine representation of who they are, what they love, and why photography is so much more than just pretty pictures!