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your life is a work of art worth capturing

Our Story

It all started with us meeting one afternoon between college classes. Both of us were aspiring "artists" with little direction on how to use our God given gift of creativity. After graduating we got married and our artistic passions were shelved for more practical professions. As always, life happened. We had our first kid and took tons of pictures. Then our next, more pictures, and so on. Each one was an adventure unto itself, and we have many pictures to prove it. This is what ultimately helped us come to appreciate the power of photography. We could see how a single image could invoke so many memories and be packed with so much emotion. We realized how amazing it would be to help others capture their memories so they could treasure them for a lifetime. To find out more about us CLICK HERE!

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Our Goal is to give you More than just photos, we want

to give you an experience

We are Jake & Jill Photography, and our goal is to give you more than just stunning photos. We want to give you a positive and memorable experience that will last a lifetime! No matter how technically perfect or breathtakingly beautiful an image is, it will only be as good as the experience attached to it. When you look at a picture, the way you feel about it will directly be attached to what you felt at the time the picture was taken. As photographers, we strive to make this experience as uplifting, positive and fun as possible! We also LOVE to capture the personality behind the person. Our goal is to get to know you a little better so that we can authentically capture the WHO behind you. We don't want to just show up with our camera and take your picture, we want to show up with the tools we need to give you the best experience possible and to deliver images that are packed with positive memories and emotions. We would love to get to know you better and to be a part of capturing your story!

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