Blooming Family

Waiting for a newborn baby to arrive into your world is a lot like waiting for a flower to grow & bloom. It is a long, slow, and delicate process filled with anticipation and excitement. You know that what you are anticipating is worth the wait, but your imagination could never prepare you for the reality. When the long awaited moment arrives you realize that the actual experience far exceeds your expectations! It's these moments in life that we want to remember and cherish forever, they come and go so quickly, just like a flower in bloom. We are so blessed to have captured these precious moments with Jesse, Nikia and their daughters . They are true examples of a nurturing family, with sweet and gentle spirits that provide the perfect soil for these girls to blossom into beautiful women, both inside and out. Thank you, Jesse & Nikia, for allowing us to experience your lives in full bloom! We can't wait to see what amazing things will grow and flourish from this loving family!

(Thank you to Magnolia Greenhouse for providing a magical location)