Zack & Sarah

When we met Zack & Sarah at Rip Van Winkle gardens, we knew that this was going to be an amazing photo session in more ways than one. They are one of those couples that you thoroughly enjoy being around. They're fun, easy going personalities along with their genuine love and affection for one another was a beautiful reminder of what a lasting relationship is all about. The moment we arrived at Rip Van Winkle gardens the peacocks greeted us with a proud confidence, as if to say, "Where would you like me to pose for my portrait," and we certainly took them up on the offer! The flowers, trees and rich green landscape of the gardens provided the perfect backdrop for the occasion. Our only hesitation were the grey clouds that loomed overhead, threatening rain, but we decided to carry on and hoped for the best. As the day rolled on, so did the clouds, allowing the sun to make its awaited appearance. It ended up being a warm, welcoming day, not just because of our surroundings, but because of the company and conversation. It's always a good day when you are graced with good company! Thank you Zack & Sarah for letting your beauty shine, both inside and out!

Thank you Rip Van Winkle Gardens for a breathtaking location!