Josh & amber's Family Session

With the summer heat finally starting to fade away, the weekends are perfect for a little outdoor family photo shoot. For those of you who live in South Louisiana, you know that we have had a long, hot, wet and oppressive summer. Imagine our surprise when we woke up that morning to a cool breeze, bright skies and a warm, inviting sun. We knew this would be an amazing day for taking pictures!

What was even more refreshing than the cool breeze was hanging out with Josh and Amber's family, capturing their bright smiles and enjoying the warmth of their inviting personalities. We took a stroll in the shade of the trees lining the tranquil streets and stopped along the way to snap some photos. We loved seeing the kids playful nature and watching them interact with each other. Even though siblings may share the same genes, they certainly wear noticeably different personality hats. But it's like the old saying goes... variety is the spice of life. The Wallace family has just the right amount of sweetness and spunkiness to make them the perfect recipe for a charming and loving family!